Pictures of some of our
adorable Cocker puppies

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There's nothing cuter than a Cocker puppy!  Here are some photos we've collected over the years of some of the cute Cocker puppies we've bred.  Please note:  If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please read this to find out about contacting us regarding upcoming litters and click here to see pictures of our most recent litters!

A red and white puppy
We breed puppies in many different coat colors.  This one is a red & white parti.
A sleepy El Shaddai puppy
Kids and puppies...
Need we say more?
Thanks to Luann Casesar of Santa Barbara for sending me this adorable photo of her daughter, Olivia, holding their El Shaddai puppy.

Two black and white partis
Buying two pups at a time has a lot of advantages, but some times it's double trouble!
2 boys with puppies
Love and attention are very important for the development of a well rounded friendly puppy.
A baby with a puppy
Our son, Steven, with his puppy.
Or was it puppy with his Steven?
By the way, Steven is married with two lovely children now and wants you to know he doesn't look like this anymore.
chocolate puppies
A chocolate litter about one week old.
Chocolate partis on the ends,
solids in the middle.
(Sounds like some kind of candy bar!)
no larger picture of this photo available
We feed our puppies Science Diet Growth Formula.
Luckily, our children have better table manners than our puppies do!
three Cocker puppies
Who could resist these cuties?
red and white puppy
Aren't the partis adorable?

Sheena Wiseman
El Shaddai Cocker Spaniels
Cherry Valley, California

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