Pictures of some of our
show quality Cocker Spaniels

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We're not active in the show world any longer, but we have had some beautiful show quality Cocker Spaniels over the years.  Here's a look at a few of them:

A black and white champion
Champion Glo-Mar's Cleo-pat-ri-a

She was our first champion and was truly a classic.  Cleo's no longer with us, but we do have some of her grandchildren.
Almost a champion!
Merribark's Charles Brown

Charles ended his show career with 9 points towards his championship.  Back then it was very difficult to finish a chocolate colored dog.  It's a lot easier now as the chocolates have become quite popular.  His grandson and great grandson still live with us and produce beautiful puppies.

A superb buff champion
Champion Gina's Minstral Man

A classic from our past.  His great grandson, Kyle, is one of our current studs.
Another gorgeous champion
Champion Marquis I'm Regal

Another example from our early days.
We remember Chip quite fondly.
I wish I had a picture from one of his show wins.
Another look at Cleo
Another view of Cleo,
our first champion.
A handsome tri colored boy
This is one of our newer boys who will be making beautiful puppies for us for years.  Definitely show quality, although we've never shown him.

Sheena Wiseman
El Shaddai Cocker Spaniels
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