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The Zim Family

We first met Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlin several years ago when they purchased a cute little black & white parti colored puppy from us, who they named Scooter.

The Zim family breeds Cockers out of their home along California's central coast.  Jim is the computer genius who created our web site for us.  Here's a few pictures of the two El Shaddai Cockers we are proud to have bred for them:

Scooter as an adult
El Shaddai's Scooter Pie
Kellyn and Scooter
This is Kellyn with Scooter
when he was just a puppy.

Their chocolate and white parti
El Shaddai's Answered Prayer

Jim & Kellyn fell in love with the look of the chocolate & white partis, and waited a long time until we finally had the perfect puppy for them.  Jake went on to sire several litters for them, including the adorable chocolate & white puppies in their hall of fame.
A litter of chocolate puppies
This is the litter that Jake came from.  There were two partis and four solids.  In this picture, they're crowding around a bowl of mush, as they were just learning to eat solid food.  A few minutes after this picture was taken, they had all managed to step in it and things we're a lot messier than what you see here!

Sheena Wiseman
El Shaddai Cocker Spaniels
Cherry Valley, California
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